Can we just take a moment to appreciate the smoldering intensity of his expression? *swoons*

Having seduced one woman too many, the overly promiscuous Triton is cast out of Olympus and is told that he can only return if he completes one challenge; finding a woman who loves him for his kindness and selflessness. 

This proves, well, challenging for the impossibly gorgeous Triton who has women falling at his feet with the smallest of smiles.

When Sophia, a mortal recovering from extensive eye surgery, is in need of a home healthcare worker, Triton steps up to the mark. Virtually blind, can Sophia learn to love the man beneath the chiseled, ab-tastic facade? Can Sophia’s love be Triton’s ticket home?

I realize how creepy the above blurb sounds; guy meets girl…except girl is blind and the guy totally takes advantage of her misfortune.

Except…it’s so much more than this. A Touch Of Greek is the opening book in Tina Folsom’s Out of Olympus series and it’s so much more than a simple romance novel. It’s a story about growth, both mental and emotional. Triton, son of Poseidon and god of seafarers and sailors and calmer of storms, starts off as this annoyingly charming, spoiled brat. Generally speaking, I hate the playboy types. I much prefer the dark, mysterious and brooding types of, say, the Immortals After Dark series. So I was kinda surprised when I found myself warming towards Triton. He matures and comes to realize that relationships don’t all have to be wham-bam-thankyou-ma’am. He realizes that women are worthy of things like tenderness and respect. He realizes it can’t always be his way or the highway. He just becomes a better person and bearing witness to this change in him evoked a weird sense of pride within me as a reader. What’s even better is that his transformation seems so organic too. In some novels, characters seem to have a flip switch on their emotions and lunge between one extreme and the other. Triton doesn’t. His change is slow and gradual and therefore way more believable.

Triton’s receives his much-needed life lessons at the hands of Sophia, a mortal woman who has been near enough blinded in an accident. Sophia is a fantastic character. Despite her accident, she retains her iron will and refuses to let people take advantage of her sudden disability, Triton included. When certain truths emerge (no spoilers, Jazz, no spoilers!), she basically tells Triton where to shove it and I adored this. She doesn’t simply fall back into his arms, all atremble (is that even a word?), to the sound a few hastily muttered reassurances and apologies. She’s strong, she’s fierce and she’s exactly what I love in a female lead!

Rating: 4/5

Song: Wham!’s I’m your man (little dedication to George Michael <3)


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