An anthology of stories featuring a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures that have been birthed from a union of myth and imagination. ‘Unnatural Creatures’ introduces us to a wide array of mythical beast and monster, from the fearsome werewolf to the mysterious (and somewhat scrumptious!) sunbird. 

Look at those gorgeous golden eyes. Set against a backdrop of pure, impenetrable black, the contrast of colors is striking. This is what initially reeled me towards Unnatural Creatures when I saw it perched atop a display in a local bookstore. While I’ve yet to actually read anything penned by Neil Gaiman, I’ve heard nothing but positive things about his writing and this is why I decided to trust his judgment and read this book.

This book isn’t the longest of books, but neither is it the shortest. This compilation of stories takes up 455 pages and not a single page is put to waste. Gaiman has evidently put a lot of time and thought into this selection, choosing stories from a wide range of writers, from newer, lesser known writers to the more well-established. I like this, the fact that he has provided a platform for up and coming writers to showcase their work and talent. Writers supporting one another like this is awesome!

In regards to the actual content, I enjoyed some stories more than others, but that’s the case with any anthology, right? My favorites were The Sage of Theare and Sunbird (the latter of which was written by Gaiman himself, so I told a teeny tiny lie before! *bows down* Forgive me, o wonderful one).

What I enjoyed most about Unnatural Creatures was the complete and utter unleashing of these writers’ imaginations. Many of these mythical creatures had previously been confined to the half-remembered tales murmured over campfires at Halloween, or trapped between the dusty pages of voluminous tomes in museum storerooms. These writers have breathed life into them once more, resurrecting them to the delight of generations of readers to come.

Rating: 5/5

Song: The Automatic’s Monster



Unnatural Creatures is available to buy on Amazon in both paperback and e-reader format.