Aka ‘5 awesome gifts you say you’ll buy for the bookworms in your life but will actually buy for yourself’…well, if your Christmas shopping is going as poorly as mine anyway. Does anyone else have this issue? You head out into town, a list of all your gift-worthy friends and family in one hand, credit card in the other…and return five hours later with seven things for yourself and a solitary stocking filler for your grandmother.

Anyway, now’s not the time to lament my inability to be organized over the festive season. Now’s the time for another of my top 5 lists ;D The below items, along with many others, can be found on the Literary Gift Company site.

1. Invisible bookshelves


Books are magical. They whisk us far, far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life in the single turning of a page, and what better way to represent this magic than to give them the appearance of levitating? A simple trick perhaps, but effective nonetheless. You can buy them here.

2. Bath caddy 


What causes more emotional distress than turning the page of a favourite book too quickly and tearing said page in half or, worse, off? Reading a favourite book in the bath and watching in open-mouthed horror as it slips from your grasp and descends beneath the lavender-scented bubbles. That’s what. With this nifty little bath caddy, though, there’ll be no need to precariously reach across the edge of the tub for your book because it’ll be mere centimeters from your fingertips, thereby greatly reducing the drop risk. Pretty good, huh? There’s even a drinks holder for all your favourite beverages! The site actually calls it a wine glass holder, but I really don’t endorse the consumption of alcohol in the bath.

3. Book journal


A cute little book to record your thoughts about all the books you’ve read. Sure, keeping a record of your books on Goodreads is great but there’s something nice about a handwritten journal too. Grab yourself a copy here!

4. Book rest wall light


I love things that have multiple functions and while this lamp might seem a bit pointless and pricey, it’s still a cool concept. Plus it elevates your book so there’ll be no more falling out of bed while you grapple with one hand trying to find it on the floor! Those of you lacking a bedside table, like me, will understand . You can buy one here.

5. Story Cubes


Your current reads just not cutting it? Then craft your own! I have these story cubes and they’re so much fun, especially when used in a group. You can conjure so many hilarious stories using them and they’re a sure way to provide endless entertainment. I definitely recommend buying yourself a box.

What bookish gifts have you received in the past? Let me know in the comments!