Delayed posts

I had plans to catch up on my date night features, but a nasty fall at work has left me with a veeeeeery bruised arm 😥 Think a hot bath and a mug or two of hot choc are on the cards for me tonight. Still, I learnt some valuable lessons today: 1) Never run in a kitchen that has a puddle of cooking oil on the floor and 2) Don’t wear copious amounts of eyeliner unless you want to look like a member of KISS when you cry in front of your co-workers *crawls under a rock*

Hope everyone has had the most wonderful of weekends!

What have you all been doing?

18 thoughts on “Delayed posts

    1. Thank you! It’s still quite sore, but I can move it unlike yesterday. My whole right side is pretty tender, but I have three days off so that should be enough time for everything to heal 😀

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      1. It’s a lot better today! Been taking ibuprofen and it seems to have helped a lot. Even managed to do some yoga! Been trying to keep my shoulder mobile because I found the more I kept it still, the worse it seemed to get. Thank you for your concern ❤

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      1. What are the temperatures like? When I was living in Japan, it sometimes got to around 40 degrees Celsius and that was bad enough ;( Cant’t even begin to imagine how it must be in Nigeria!

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  1. Dear jazz, hopefully all the pain is gone. I hope you do not mind giving you some advice. After a fall or by heavy bruising never take a warm bath after the incident, because that would cause further intern bleeding and bigger blue stains. Always first Ice and elevation of the hurt limb, to allow it some rest..

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    1. Thank you very much for your advice! Luckily, I was too busy to make time for a bath, but I’ll take your advice next time I get hurt or bruised 🙂 Thank you!


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