‘The Darkest Whisper’ Gena Showalter


Being possessed by the demon of Doubt, you could say Sabin has a hard time with relationships. The words Sabin speaks to his lovers differ vastly from the words with which his demon speaks. The effect of such demoralizing words have had devastating consequences over the years and as a result, Sabin favors the battlefield over the bedroom.

That is, until he meets Gwendolyn the Timid, a Harpy with terrifyingly uncontrollable powers. Sabin sees her as a weapon against their shared enemy, a blade to be honed, but as time passes the line between business and pleasure becomes increasingly blurred. 

Can Sabin control his demon long enough to convince Gwen of his love? Can Gwen control her Harpy long enough not to tear out Sabin’s jugular? Find out in *dramatic voice* The Darkest Whisper. 

So, I’ve returned to Budapest to hang with my favorite guys (and girls!), the Lords of the Underworld and man, what a return it was! While The Darkest Whisper wasn’t my favorite book in the series so far, it built further upon the world Gena Showalter has created. In the previous three novels, we met only the Lords, some gods and goddesses and the odd smattering of humans. However, within The Darkest Whisper, we learn more of the other creatures living within this universe, in particular the Harpies, the race which protagonist, Gwen, calls her own. The Harpies are a complex race, with a wide array of rules by which they must abide and we learn much about their culture through Gwen and her sisters. I think it’s fantastic when an author takes the time to explore characters in this way, in particular with a series. The characters become so much more than two-dimensional beings held together only by ink and paper. They become real. They become people, people whom we care for and whose stories we want to hear.

Additionally, a much-loved character from Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series makes a cameo appearance and I thought this was awesome! There are so many industries that are unrelentingly cut-throat – fashion, for example – so it’s fantastic to see authors supporting each other in such a way. The cameo appearance was small, but the meaning behind it was obvious. It was a nod towards Kresley Cole, a silent acknowledgment of her work and the brilliance of it and it just struck me as a really sweet gesture.

In terms of the characters, I liked Sabin and Gwen but I didn’t love them like I did, say, Lucien and Anya. Though his behavior did improve towards the final chapters, I found Sabin’s overly macho, caveman-must-protect-my-woman mentality tiresome. Sure, he does help Gwen in terms of her physical training and it’s this training that enables her to become a better fighter. However, I feel her confidence in herself and her ability would have grown a hell of a lot quicker if it hadn’t been for him.

Oh and one more thing. I love, love, love how secondary characters (Gideon, for example *swoons*) are given a chapter or two every now and then to narrate events from their perspective. It creates a sense of anticipation and makes for an exciting prelude to future books. We receive only teeny-tiny snippets of these characters, but they’re snippets big enough to lure us towards the next novel in the series. Well, big enough to lure me anyway. I have the next four books on order as I type 😛

Rating: 4/5

Song: Spice Girl’s 2 Become 1



The Darkest Whisper is available on Amazon in both e-reader and paperback format.  


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    1. Neither had I! I saw a little dedication to said character at the beginning of the book, but didn’t actually register its meaning until the actual scene in which she briefly appeared 😀 And thank you 😘

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