Forgive me, my many, many unread university books 

Despite being an avid reader now, I really struggled with some of the set texts at university. I took a Victorian literature class in my second year and when I saw how colossal Dickens’ Bleak House was, I just laughed and put it back on my shelf, opting instead to rely on Google Scholar (which I cannot recommend enough if you’re looking for some convincing yet reliable sources to quote for an assignment). 

I definitely wasn’t the most studious of people back then 😂

What’s the most boring book you’ve ever read? Be it in school or for leisure.  

3 thoughts on “Forgive me, my many, many unread university books 

  1. Good Topic!

    I still can’t believe you took a V.lit module. You were hardcore, man.

    I thought Wuthering Heights was boring, but it was alright once it got going. Moll Flanders was so dull, though, that it made literary theory anthologies look like an entertaining alternative. Seriously.

    Also, there was this gay romance book I started once, called the language of cranes, which was well rated on amazon but dear god it was one of the most boring, cliched books I ever read for leisure.

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    1. Oh lord, Moll Flanders was horrendous to read! I remember them saying it was the first ‘novel’ as we know it and it was just a mess *shudders*

      Interesting title, but a shame it was so boring 😦 What was it about? And why was it so cliched?

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      1. It had a young guy coming out and it turning out his dad is also gay but in the closet which has become a bit of a cliche. It was just kind of about that. I only read it up to around 2/3 and I didn’t keep going.


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