Date nights with (another) Lucian


*looks up as you enter the room* Yoooo. ‘Suuuuuuuuuuup…argh, screw this casual bullshit *attacks you with hugs* Where have you been!? *shakes you by the shoulders* You just never came back from your date with Vlad *sniffs* I was all alone in your apartment, drinking myself stupid and thinking of all the various creative ways he could have dispatched of you. I called HQ, like, a thousand times but they told me they hold no liability in the event of a date ending in death. Some crap about not wanting legal battles with immensely powerful, immortal creatures yada yada and all that. Wait, what do you mean you were on bloody vacation!? You didn’t think to call me? To, y’know, inform moi. To inform your matchmaker. To inform the person who lives with you. To *laughs hysterically* inform the person who cares a little too much about your well-being! *sighs* Eugh. Whatever. Pop the kettle on, pet *accepts your gift* I can’t stay angry when you’ve got me a shirt with…Beach Bum Hawaii scrawled upon it. Oh lord, you went to freaking Hawaii? Nope. Scrap that. I’m very angry. Hawaii crowns my list of places I need to visit and *screeches* YOU DIDN’T EVEN THINK TO INVITE ME! Not only are you gonna make me the best cup of tea you have ever made, you’re damn well gonna bring me a packet of biscuits too! I can’t deal with this, I can’t – *phone pings*

Oh? Your next date is…tonight. Ah yes, I scheduled this a few weeks back after you selected him on the app. Almost cancelled it because, well, I thought you were dead. I kept the date in my diary in case HQ gave me another client but no such luck. Still stuck with you. The most infuriating individual I’ve ever met *instantly feels bad* Well, you’re not that bad. We’ve had some fun times, I guess. Fleeing from murderous archangels in China. Sitting atop Archangel Tower while we awaited my clothes. You trying to shield me while I sat in a bar in my PJs.

Anyway, a date with Lucian. Mmmmm-mmm! He’s rather…delicious. No bars, though, ‘kay? Pinkie promise me? *grabs your pinkie* Ooo nice manicure. Was that done in Hawaii too? *glowers at you* Let’s move on from that sore subject. Date nights with Lucian will probably/definitely include:

  1. Coffee. Tea. Juice. Just anything without alcohol.
  2. A bar crawl. Forget the fancy, brand-name establishments. It’s all about the teeny-tiny dive bars.
  3. Discussing your hopes and dreams for the future while knocking back a few mocktails.
  4. Getting confused when Lucian looks at and speaks to people who don’t seem to be there. Hmm. Bit old for imaginary friends, right?
  5. Walking from bar to bar, hand-in-hand, being all cute with little kisses and hugs.
  6. Lucian reminiscing about days spent with the big J C.
  7. Ignoring the jealous glares of every woman you encounter.
  8. Ignoring the jealous glares of nearly every man you encounter.
  9. Buying some gelato from a local ice cream parlor and sitting in the park while you eat, joking about and making up funny stories about each of the people you see walking by.
  10. Lucian walking you home and ending the night with a sensual smile and a promise to see you again.

Not one of your more extravagant dates, but it’s not always about the what and the where…it’s sometimes more about the who *smiles to myself, immensely impressed by my sudden gem of wisdom* Have the most wonderful of nights and please, please come home *blows you a kiss*

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