Netgalley question

I only joined Netgalley last month and have just finished my first book from them. I wrote a review on their site and would really like to write a review for my blog too, but because the book has yet to be released I’m not sure whether to post it now or to wait? I looked at the FAQ and it said it’s different for each individual publisher…but I cannot find this book’s publisher listed anywhere! I’ve found the publisher the author’s previous books have been published under but they don’t seem to be the publishers for this book. I’ve looked on all the major sites – Amazon, Goodreads etc – but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Unsure of what to do. Netgalley regulars, what do you suggest?

Thank you in advance ! ❤

7 thoughts on “Netgalley question

  1. Quite often if you requested the email saying you were approved from the publisher will tell you their preferences. If not I usually leave till there is less than a month till publication for the blog review but will post earlier on GoodReads. Amazon reviews usually can’t be submitted till release date.

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  2. Most bloggers like to post the reviews on their blog a week to two weeks before the book hit the market, but I have seen many reviewers post the reviews whenever they finish reading it. I am starting to post my reviews whenever I read it because I like giving other readers the chance to request the book on NetGalley too. If wait until near publication date to post my review, the book may be archived on NetGalley and then another reader may lose the chance to request for the ARC. A few times that happened to me when I see a good review for a book and then look into NetGalley and it’s no longer available to request and then I just feel disappointed. I recently reviewed Gilded Cage and another blogger liked my review and went on NetGalley to request and got accepted and she was very happy. I feel happy of that outcome. So it’s all up to you. I think it’s better to review early than late, that is the point of Advanced Reader Copy, is to read in advance and review in advance. (sorry for the lengthy comment lol)

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    1. I like your way of thinking! Thank you for your insight 😀 That’s what I ended up doing with the book I read. I thought it better to post my review now to a) help build the anticipation prior to its release and b) like you say, to give other readers a chance to request, read and review it 🙂

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