“Shit!” Wanda hissed.

She hastily backed away from the stairs, letting the shadows of the darkened landing consume her. She cocked her head to one side, listening, and waited with bated breath. Laughter-laced voices. The front door opening slowly as it grazed the too fluffy carpet. Then…

…the hallway light clicked on.

Wanda whirled around on the ball of her foot and padded back into the room behind her. She thanked her non-existent god that she hadn’t switched on the upstairs light, knowing the layout well enough to reach the bathroom without tripping or stumbling.

Double shit. The bathroom! Pee tickled the sides of her bladder, teasing her unrelentingly. Use the bathroom and risk them hearing you or hold it in and get a UTI. Choice is yours, Wanda. 

“I choose neither,” she whispered, opening the bedside drawer and producing the emergency shewee she kept for such emergencies, “Nothing must disturb tonight.”

Having done her business and casually poured it out the already open window, Wanda crept back into bed. The lamp cast the room in a warm yellow glow. That wouldn’t arouse suspicion, right? People slept with lights on all the time. No one had come charging up the stairs to knock on her door. No one had dropped her a text to see if she was awake. Excellent. They thought she was asleep. They thought she had turned down their night club invite to study and sleep. She chuckled darkly, pulling the latest book in her favourite series from beneath her pillow. Fools.