*puts on dramatic narrator voice* This Christmas, watch as Damian’s assignment proves to be his hardest yet. When Damian is assigned the job of escorting Amanda to stand before the judgment assembly in Hell, he thinks it will be the usual two minute job. Grab soul, deliver soul, bye bye soul. Damian soon realizes something much more complicated is at play. Amanda stirs up emotions he’s never felt before and not only that, he suspects she might be innocent of the sin she’s accused of committing.

Well, I’m never going to absolutely slate an author because being a writer myself, I understand how difficult it is to break into the world of publishing so major kudos to those who do…but this novella, as we say in Britain, just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Devil Under The Mistletoe’s tagline on Amazon is ‘A humorous paranormal romance for the holidays!’ and I agree, it is humorous in places. The way Damian and Amanda tease one another is cute and funny and I like the intricacy of the Hell Sam Cheever has created, with its numerous circles and wide array of beings existing within it.

However, I felt the characters to be very one dimensional. Damian seemed to flit between several different personalities in the space of ten minutes and Amanda, at one point, is very upset about the fact that she won’t be able to see her family again, only to have that sadness promptly dissipate at the thought of spending eternity with a hunky demon. No mention is ever made of her family again. I appreciate that with novellas it can be extremely difficult to craft an in-depth, memorable character in the space of 70 or so pages, but this lack of characterization just made it so difficult to connect with or care about the characters. I think novellas involving characters that have already been established in a preceding novel or series work better. But that’s just my view anyway.

A good, quick read, though, if you want to pass away an hour or two this coming Christmas.

Rating: 1/5

Song: Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger