5 reasons why bookworms are awesome


  1. We’re pretty damn good at empathizing. While reading, we step into another’s shoes. We feel what they feel. We see what they see. We hurt when they hurt. A reader lives a thousand lives and it’s these lives that help them interact within the real world. If they encounter a person whose partner has cheated on them, sure, they might not have experienced it themselves firsthand but they have been in the head of someone who has and, as a result, can somewhat understand the turbulence of the emotions being felt at that moment. It means that they can offer the appropriate words of comfort and partially ease that person’s suffering. Empathy is an important social skill and one that is part and parcel of being a bookworm.
  2. We have fantastic imaginations. Reading is pretty surreal when you break it down bit by bit. We sit for hours and stare at symbols inked onto thin slices of wood, hallucinating vividly. We may have never been in the midst of a battle between elves and orcs, but we can damn well picture it clear as day. We may have never actually met our book boyfriend/girlfriend, but we can sure as hell picture their faces, from the curve of their lips to that random fleck of green in their right eye. A life without imagination is something I cannot imagine (ironic, huh?). It’s something I don’t want to imagine. Imagination lays the foundations for the future. If there was no imagination, there’d be no books. If there was no imagination, there’d be no technological innovations. If there was no imagination…you get my drift. A good imagination means you have an infinite amount to offer, be it through your writing, your artwork, your music or your ideas.
  3. We’re low maintenance. Forget expensive gifts or tickets for vacation. All we need is the next book in our favorite series and we’re content for the next few hours.
  4. We’re wise beyond our years. Going back to #1, we experience a lot as readers. Through books, we travel to far away places – places that sometimes aren’t even of this earth – and we meet an infinite amount of people from all walks of life. Whoever we meet – from the stay-at-home mother to the battle seasoned immortal warrior – we can learn something from them. The lesson can be small, the lesson can be life changing. It’s irrelevant because what matters is that we learn something that will aid us at some point in the future.
  5. We know how to unwind. Life is stressful. It’s a well-known, undeniable fact. Work, rent, bills, chores…they all combine to form unrelenting anxiety. As bookworms, though, we can escape the humdrum of modern life, albeit temporarily. When it all gets a bit too much, we know to grab the nearest book and a glass of wine/cup of tea and simply escape. This ability means that we’re able to go back to whatever it is that’s stressing us out with a fresh set of eyes. We’re able to take a moment to step back, relax, and reevaluate the situation. It’s a good skill to have, trust me.

What reasons can you add to the list?

10 thoughts on “5 reasons why bookworms are awesome

  1. Can’t think of any other. You couldn’t be more right about everything Jazz. All of them. The low maintenance? Totally! The ability to understand? I agree. Imaginations?? A hundred percent!

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