Which fall shows should be canceled already?

Um…none? That’s gonna have to be my official answer, I’m afraid. Here in the UK, fall marks the beginning of the period drama season and I for one adore period dramas. The fact that there’ll be no more seasons of Downton Abbey is a cause of great concern for me. What am I going to watch every Sunday evening? More importantly, what am I going to watch on Christmas Day? I have many fond memories of sipping at a mug of hot chocolate, glued to the TV as the latest drama unfolded for Lord Grantham and his family (*shudders* Matthew’s death pretty much ruined my Christmas *bursts into tears* Hold me.)

Although, truth be told, I have yet to watch the final season. I was in Japan when it aired and my family failed to record it for me, despite pre-Japan promises. Perhaps I can buy the boxset and watch it over the course of the long, cold spell of weather ahead 🙂 By which I mean binge watch it on one of my days off.

What will you be watching this fall?