1. Engorged – The Google definition for this word is “cause to swell with blood, water, or another fluid” so yeah, it’s a good term to use when describing a guy getting a hard on…that is, if you’re writing a freaking medical journal. It is seriously the unsexiest word to throw into the middle of a sex scene.


  1. Bulbous – Sure, we all know what ‘bulbous’ means but let’s be honest, it doesn’t exactly sound like what it means. It sounds like some sort of disease and I recoil whenever I read lines such as “She licked the bulbous head”. Like, shouldn’t you have shots before doing that?


  1. Suckle – Not a verb I come across often in paranormal romance, but it’s one I’ve come across enough. Dictionary.com offers three definitions for this word and the first two are literally referring to a woman feeding her baby. There is nothing sexual in the act of breastfeeding so it makes me feel so, so uncomfortable when I see ‘suckle’ or ‘suckling’ cropping up in a scene that is fraught with passion and lust.


  1. Swollen folds – Okay, that’s technically two words but it’s a term I’ve seen in quite a few books. Again, like ‘bulbous’, it sounds like a medical condition. Forget sex, give that poor woman some ice!


  1. Impaled – one word…ouch.