Surrendering is the first book in K.L. Krieg’s Regent Vampire Lords series and I decided to read it upon the recommendation of…wait for it…Facebook. I’ve noticed little ads or suggested author pages popping up in my news feed over the past two or three months and while I’m always happy to receive suggestions for my next read, I find it somewhat creepy that Mark Zuckerberg and his team monitor my page likes to this extent. Oh well.

Kate Martin dreams dreams that are far from ordinary. She dreams of real life people in real life scenarios. She dreams of real life kidnapped people in real life kidnap scenarios more specifically. Having been plagued by the same disturbing vision for two weeks, Kate decides that enough is enough. She simply cannot ignore her instincts and allow another missing woman to fade into obscurity.

When she steps into her local police station, she expects to be dismissed as nothing more than a crackpot. However, she gets more than she bargains for…way more than she bargains for. Kate finds herself pulled irrevocably into a world she hadn’t known existed, a world in which she is suddenly the center of attention from both a crazed, power-hungry vampire and a special investigator, an investigator who is also a vampire lord and claims that she’s his Moira.

His fated one.

Kate, still nursing a past heartache, is determined to keep things ‘casual’, though. While living under Devon’s protection, she finds her determination waning thin. Can their budding relationship survive the threat of Xavier?

Now, this book is well-written and the plot is interesting. In regards to its content, it has some pretty dark themes, themes that manifest themselves in paragraphs that are almost unbearable to read. It’s dark and gritty and makes a refreshing change to the usual good-guys-always-win format that many other paranormal romance books follow. It’s realistic in the sense that it demonstrates how good doesn’t always prevail over evil, how evil has to win a certain amount of times for the good guys to learn from their mistakes and become stronger. Witnessing the heartache and trauma Dev and his people endure – the slaughter of his family, the death of Leo, the abuse that Giselle is subjected to – make for a bittersweet ending.

However…fucking Dev and his appalling lack of tact when faced with highly delicate situations. If I could reach through the pages of any book and physically slap some sense into a character, I would have my hand embedded in Surrendering as quickly as Dev thrust his fingers “to the hilt” in poor Kate’s backside…man, I get that anal play is something many people enjoy…but he doesn’t even warn her *shudder*

Anyway, I digress. Let me give you an examples of said lack of tact; when Dev realizes that Kate is potentially an unblooded vampire, he decides not to gently to sit her down with a warming, comforting cup of tea filled with sugar to prevent her going into shock…oh no. Dev doesn’t work like that. He likes to get straight to the point.

‘”I’m sorry, Kate. I know the last couple of days have been stressful. But there is no doubt you are an unblooded female (Cheers, Dev. Couldn’t have worked that one out on my own) vampire. I’m quite sure that man who raised you as his daughter is not vampire. Just as I’m positive that the woman whom you call mother is not your biological mother. Have your parents ever mentioned you being adopted?”

“Adopted?” She sunk down onto the edge of the bed again, her legs unable to hold her. She whispered, “No. No. That can’t be possible. I’m not adopted.”

This guy tears her world apart in five sentences. Who fucking does that? Has he literally been living in a cave for the five centuries of his existence? This is absolutely not how you break news to someone.

Also deducting points for Dev’s belief that a woman who has a lot of sex must have a loose vagina. Sorry, Dev love, doesn’t work like that. Unless your dick is ten inches wide, there is absolutely no scientific grounding in the sentence “He could tell she’d been thoroughly used, as her pussy wasn’t as snug as some he’d come across.” Slut shaming is an instant turn off, to be honest.

Rating: 2.5 out 5

Song: Steel Panther’s BVS (dedicated to Dev, of course)