Since it’s taking me so goddamn long to read my current book, I thought I’d treat you all to a little bit of my own writing. This piece (written this morning) was inspired by an incident in Japan (which I’ll tell you about after the story – don’t want to give you any spoilers :p)

How could this have happened? Ella sat slumped upon the kitchen floor, the cool bite of the tiles painful against her bare legs. It wasn’t even eight in the morning and already this had happened. Tears pricked at her eyes and she hastily scrubbed at them, adamant that she wouldn’t cry. She was twenty two for God’s sake. She’d dealt with worse. She cast her mind back to last winter when a family of fat, meaty rats had made a home of her pantry. If she could handle that (albeit with much shrieking and vaulting of furniture) she could sure as hell handle this.

She glanced at the empty milk carton in disgust. She needed to get some pants on. She needed to go to the store.

She needed her morning cup of tea.

Alright, basically, there was a little incident in Japan where I went to make my morning cup of tea and after letting the tea bag brew for a minute or so, I went to grab some milk out the fridge…only to find the carton empty. Instead of going to the store like a normal person, I just fell to the floor and sobbed for half an hour. To be fair (way TMI here) I get bad PMS and my hormones were crazy. 

The British equivalent of porn