Confessions of a bookworm. Hmm. Not the most scandalous of titles, but I hope it provides some amusement nonetheless.

1. When I can’t pronounce a character’s name, I simply read it as ‘bleugh bleugh bleugh’ as opposed to actually figuring it out. I’m a lazy reader, what can I say?


2. I legitimately care more for fictional characters than I do for most people in the real world. There was a moment a few months back that saw me sobbing and throwing my Kindle off the bed when faced with a character’s tragic, albeit temporary, death.


3. One of the main reasons I’m not in a relationship is because fictional men have given me unrealistic expectations. What do you mean you’re not a demon king!? 


4. Sometimes, especially when I’m bored at work, I play out little scenarios in my head, scenarios that usually involve me going on some amazing date with my fictional man of the week.

Me at work

5. Associating with people who see reading as a futile pastime is a cause of great displease and discomfort for me. A guy at work once sneered “Oh my god, you’re such a nerd.” when I happened to mention a book I was reading. His tone was so venomous, his words so barbed. It was almost like the term ‘nerd’ was a curse for him. Why does this single word have such negative connotations? If being a nerd involves overtly expressing my passion for that which I enjoy then sure, go ahead and call me a nerd. Nerd and proud!

“Say that again. I fucking dare you.”

6. Edgar Allan Poe instilled a love for poetry within me. I was born on his death day (7th October, people. I’ll make an Amazon wishlist, don’t worry 😉 ) and as a teenager, I used to proudly tell people I was his reincarnation since I loved reading and writing poetry so much.


7. I deliberately bend and crease the spines of my books. I know this is a topic of hot debate among readers; to bend or not to bend? While I respect that fact that both sides of the argument have valid points, I personally like my books to have a well-loved, well-read look about them.


8. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by a great sadness when I remember fictional characters aren’t walking among us in the real world.


9. I’ve bought clothes, jewelry and cosmetics purely because they remind me of a particular fictional character. I bought some gorgeous blue feather earrings while in Japan simply because they put me in mind of Illium from Nalini Singh’s Guildhunter series. I had a friend visiting at the time and instead of laughing, she thought the idea was pretty awesome!

I thought Illium fan art would suffice for this point. Yummy.

10. I assign music to certain scenes in the books that I read. I listen to a lot of music by a band called Two Steps from Hell. They do a lot of music for movies and video games and it’s music that fits quite well with the more dramatic scenes found in books. Here’s my current favorite track: He who brings the night.

Tell me your bookworm confessions!