Humanity is a species plagued by the fear of danger. We have an extreme aversion to pain and take precautions each and every day to ensure we rarely experience it unless absolutely necessary. For example, a majority of us abide by traffic laws, meaning we drive around safe in the knowledge it’s highly unlikely we’ll fall victim to a fatal road collision. Another example is the rigorous health and safety training many people have to partake in within their workplace.

What I’m basically trying to say is that we enjoy life most when its governed by rules that keep us out of harms way.

So why are we, readers of paranormal romance, so attracted to men who are, for all intents and purposes, dangerous? Would we honestly read a book about a squeaky clean, clean-shaven guy who works in a family-run bakery and runs a Scrabble club in his free time? Like me, you’re probably shaking your head. Give me a ruggedly handsome, ‘sinfully sexy’ man any day. Give me a man with deadly enemies and even deadlier hand-to-hand combat skills. Give me a man who eats danger for breakfast and eats me for dinner. Why am I, a person who whimpers when my friend goes 5 mph over the speed limit, so attracted to these dangerous sorts? It’s so out of sync with the way in which I live my life. Is it a rebellious streak, one that shuns the rules with which I have grown up with? What are your thoughts?