Eeee thank you to Danielle for giving me these interesting questions to answer! I enjoy both asking and answering questions. Sure, we read one another’s blogs but who we behind the screens? Questions allow us a small peek 🙂

1. When did you finally make the decision to blog?

About three months ago. My love for paranormal romance truly bloomed while living in Japan and I desperately wanted to network with others with similar literary tastes. I just didn’t have the time, though. I worked 45 hour weeks and was usually too exhausted to do anything else aside from reading or karaoke! I was unemployed when I returned to the UK and suddenly found I had all this free time. I wanted to fill it with something fun, productive and interesting. So here I am 🙂 Thank you all for welcoming me so warmly into the blogging community!

2. What was the first book that really solidified your love for reading?

The Chronicles of Narnia. My dad read the series to me over the course of many bedtimes when I was a child and it fed my imagination, furthering both my interest in reading and in writing.

3. What is your favorite aspect of the blogging community?

How friendly everyone is! Perhaps this is more a WordPress thing, though. I have an account on Tumblr and while it’s good for humor and other random tidbits, I find people can get so fucking nasty over the smallest of things. It just has a bad vibe that place. I feel so happy and welcomed on WordPress and I feel like I can be me as cliched as that sounds.

4. What is your favorite film genre?

Non-gory horror and comedy. Oh, and Disney! That’s a difficult question 😦 My taste in movies is quite eclectic!

5. What type of music can you be caught listening to most?

One of three types: cinematic dramatic (as I like to dub it. Two Steps from Hell, anyone?), 80s pop/rock or heavy metal.

6. Where is the last place you visited for fun or recreation?

A city called Leeds! My best friend lives there and we had such a blast when I visited. His boyfriend drove us to this awesome tropical park and cooked us pancakes for breakfast while we all played video games. It was pretty much my ideal weekend 🙂

My favorite boys

7. Do you have children or live with family?

I currently live with my my parents. Always on the lookout for an apartment or house share, though! Major hint, you UK folk 😛  I have one son. He’s a guinea pig, though. Does that count?

Gets his looks from his mom

8. Name one hobby many people are not aware that you have?

Doing angel oracle card readings on my FB page. Feel free to check it out!

9. Does reviewing or blogging ever become stressful for you?

Nope, never! Actually, I’ve been quite low as of late so I find it to be my outlet, my release so to speak 🙂

10. Which social outlets do you use for your blog?

Only WordPress at the moment. I’ve been considering making a FB page for it, though. I know many other bloggers have pages on there so it would be nice to attract bookworms from all corners of the web.

11. What was the last book you completed?

Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon. Super sexy, super sweet paranormal romance filled with lovable characters and unintentionally hilarious sentences.

My questions for you!

  1. What was the last song you listened to?
  2. What song best describes your blog’s vibe?
  3. Do you run any other blogs?
  4. Describe your perfect Friday night.
  5. What’s your guilty pleasure? It can be a TV show, a type of food etc
  6. Name a common misconception people have about you.
  7. Do you have any advice for people thinking of starting a blog?
  8. Do you multitask while blogging? If so, what do you do?
  9. You have been gifted with 24 hours in which you have the ability to teleport anywhere in the world. You also have unlimited money. What are you going to do?
  10. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
  11. What does the future hold for your blog? Will you expand onto other social media platforms?

I’m going to cheat a bit too and nominate everyone who wants to answer my questions 🙂 I’m very intrigued to read your answers!