I’ve recently become interested in Wicca and witchcraft so I was delighted to discover Jennifer Lyon had incorporated a lot of Wiccan principles into Blood Magic, such as the Rule of Three and the concept of the Summerland. Blood Magic has definitely fueled my interest further!

Axel, a ‘sinfully sexy’ (man, that phrase is really overused) witch hunter, has been fighting against the bloodlust curse since the age of 14. The curse drives him and his Wing Slayer comrades to breaking point, making each of them yearn for the blood of the the innocent Earth Witches. When a Demon Witch inflicts a death curse upon his rogue father, it passes down to his five year old sister, Hannah, instead. Axel has two choices; find an Earth Witch to reverse the curse and resist the bloodlust or kill the Demon Witch himself and lose his soul.

Axel’s initial choice leads him to Darcy, an Earth Witch grieving over the recent death of her adoptive mother. Having saved her from a band of rogue witch hunters, he brings Darcy to Hannah and commands that she heals her. There’s just one problem, though.

Darcy doesn’t know she’s a witch. Can she master her powers before the curse consumes Hannah? *Dragonball Z narrator voice* Find out in the next exciting episode of Blood Magic! 

I actually really, really enjoyed this book. It’s not just a romance story; it’s a story of growth and healing. Darcy cures Axel of the curse with which he has been afflicted and in return he heals the mental wounds caused by her adoptive father. He *a single tear trickles down my cheek and my voice grows thick with emotion* makes her see that she is worthy of love and affection and it’s just so damn beautiful.

In terms of the actual plot, Blood Magic has many twists and turns and as a result it wasn’t as predictable as previous novels I’ve read. It’s also filled to the brim with a wide array of colorful and beautifully flawed (is that an actual term?) characters. I love how Darcy interacts with everyone, from her brotherly relationship with Joe to her maternal affection for Hannah. She’s confused and definitely frightened by the new world in which she finds herself but she throws her in at the deep end when beginning her studies in witchcraft, understanding that those around her are in dire need of her abilities.

While this was a fantastic read, there were some sentences that had me laughing out loud with their unintentional hilarity:

“Recognition hit Axel in the solar plexus.”

“He felt her power vibrating in his intestines.” – Axel, honey, that’s probably not Darcy. Maybe, um, you need…to shit? If your intestines are vibrating, you’re probably about to be violently ill.

“…cramped his gut…” This isn’t her power, Axel! Get to a freaking bathroom!

“Axel felt Darcy’s magic tumble through him in a continuous stream, vibrating through his intestines.” Christ, somebody get this man a doctor.

Anyway, it’s judgment time.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Song: Annie Lennox’s I put a spell on you


This title is available on Amazon in both e-reader and paperback format.