Alright, so after the smoldering heat of the cover of its predecessor, I was a little disappointed with Heart of a Dragon’s cover. Definitely the same model, but he now looks like he’s in some sort of boy band. Is he actually…pouting? C’mon. Lucian is more rugged and wild than this. To be fair, people pout when they’re on the verge of tears and Lucian cries a lot in this book. Perhaps the cover is displaying the fierce inner battle he endures with his water works? Jeez, sorry. I’m very much judging a book by its cover here.

I’m not gonna bother with a summary because there’s three days separating the end of the previous book and the beginning of this one. The premise is still exactly the same.

I feel I prefer Kiss of a Dragon simply because more happens within it. Lucian and Arabella’s relationship kind of stalls in its sequel. Whenever they’re together, they’re literally just having sex. That is literally all they do. Outside of that, Lucian busies himself by running away and acting the martyr. I don’t even think they have dinner together. Arabella does more ‘couple’ stuff with Lucian’s brother, Leonidas, than she does with him. Their relationship seems completely built upon a foundation of steamy, passionate sex and while sex is great and everything, there’s so much more to a relationship.

Remember Lucian’s healing bodily fluids? Well, not only do they have incredible healing properties, they can also travel at super sonic speed. I love the lesson in dragon biology I’ve been receiving over these two books. Who knew a woman could fall pregnant and feel her unborn child and know its gender mere seconds after her lover’s climax? Damn, Lucian hadn’t even pulled out of her at this point! That is some potent sperm he possesses. Also his passionate cries of “Oh my love, you belong to me!” had me cringing a bit.


Yawn. Give me Leonidas and Leksander’s stories.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Song: Foreigner’s I want to know what love is


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