..sipping on my iced vanilla frappe (I actually asked for chocolate but I’m too British to say anything) I decided to ask you all a question. 

What fictional character has had the biggest impact on your life? It doesn’t matter if they’re from a book, a comic, a movie or even a game. They just need to be fictional. That’s the only criteria they have to meet.

Goku from DBZ has had the biggest impact on me. I occasionally mention my ‘dad’ on here, but in reality he’s my grandfather. My actual dad abandoned me. Three times in fact.

I started watching DBZ when I was 7 or 8 and I found myself in complete awe of Goku. He was flawed, yes, but he was so dedicated to protecting his friends, family and the people of Earth. He was so kind to everyone he met, wanting to see the good in everyone and not only that, I think he was a fantastic father under the circumstances. As a kid, I wanted to transcend the barrier between reality and the DBZ universe so he could adopt me! Sounds pretty stupid, right? As a child I wanted to have a dad so badly and Goku seemed to incorporate all the values I wanted in one. Nowadays I understand that my grandparents, with all their love and support over the years, are my true parents.

So how about you? I’m intrigued to know!