Cover photo featuring an overly-muscled, smoldering male? What better way to lure me in? Plus tattoos. Phwoar *fans self*

I get abnormally flustered over book covers

Lucian Smoke (paranormal romance authors really love the name Lucian. Ever notice that?) is dying. A crown prince and a mere five hundred years old, the odds are stacked against him. He knows his transformation into a wyvern is imminent…unless he both finds a mate that feels True Love for him and successfully bears a dragonling. It was a sweet fate once within his grasp. But haunted by painful memories, Lucian vows to never fall in love again lest he is forced to witness bloodied history repeat itself. A determined Lucian ventures forth into Seattle in search of a disposable woman to seduce into loving him.

And he finds her. He finds Arabella Sharp, a lawyer specializing in domestic abuse cases. Lucian soon realizes, much to his absolute horror, that an emotion he long thought dead is being rekindled within his heart. No matter how hard he tries to deny his feelings, Lucian Smoke finds himself falling in love.

Shit’s about to go down in Seattle.

Man, I should be paid to write blurbs.

I quite liked the premise of Kiss of a Dragon, the first book in the Fallen Immortals series. It’s quite dark and gritty, more so when it’s revealed Lucian was forced to sacrifice his previous mate in a bid to save their child. It’s not just your average , run-of-the-mill paranormal romance. It’s got all-you-can-eat-restaurant-size-portions of drama and heartache locked within its pages. What I quite liked about Kiss of a Dragon is that it’s different in the sense that Lucian tries so damn hard not to fall for Arabella. It’s so common for paranormal romance males to see a nice woman and think “My dick’s hard, it must be eternal love”. Not only is he reluctant to relive his previous heartache, he’s reluctant – no, scrap that, he’s unable – to force such a miserable fate on Arabella. Though he’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, he does possess a good set of morals. Plus he’s part fae and has awesome magical, demon-ass-kicking abilities. And can transform into a golden dragon. The latter alone is enough to persuade me to bear his dragonling babies.

I feel the phrase “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is quite apt when describing Arabella. Like Lucian, Arabella has experienced more trauma and heartache then ten people combined have in their entire lifetime. Although Arabella is plagued by memories of one particular incident, she utilizes all of her experiences to help other women in similar situations. She’s such a brave, strong woman and I think Alisa wrote her character perfectly.

There were certain aspects of the novel I didn’t like, though. For one, Lucian refers to Arabella as ‘my treasure’ and while I get treasure is very much a dragon thing, it troubles me that Lucian views Arabella in this way. I’m very much of the opinion that women don’t belong to any man, dragon prince or not. Secondly, his bodily fluids have restorative powers so he can keep pounding her because he’s healed her lady parts? What the actual hell? As mentioned in a post yesterday, the enhanced libido thing really grates me.

Anyway, I’m currently reading the second book in this series. Kiss of a Dragon ends on a cliffhanger so I pretty much had no choice but to dive straight into Heart of a Dragon.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Lucian and Arabella’s song: Skindred’s Own You


This book is available both in e-reader and paperback format on Amazon.