…what it’s like at photo shoots for paranormal romance book covers?

Found the below example and tried to envision the shoot.


“Hey, Kev. I need you to gaze at her hair.”

“Erm, sure. Not her face?”

“Nah, that’d be way too intense. Need ya to look, y’know, kinda aloof like an angel might be. Like you might fuck the mortal but it doesn’t bother you either way. Get me?”


“Perfect. Cheers, man. Yo, Lisa. Can you caress his right peck? Yeah, like that. Close your eyes, imagine it’s a Krispy Kreme selection box. Imagine it’s a Krispy Kreme selection box for you and only you…damn, girl. That is some lust on your face.. Absolutely perfect expression.”

*Kev clears his throat*

“Should I…I dunno, hold her?”

“Hmmm. Maybe go to grab her right elbow? Like the touch might be too much? But you’re not sure? Make it look like you’re hesitating.”

“Like this?”

“Nah, kinda like graze the elbow with your fingertips. Like you’re dealing with some inner conflict. Should you remove her hand from your boob or not, that kinda thing. Get me?”

“Yeeeeeeah. Sure, I get you.”

I’m sure it’s nothing like this. I don’t even know what the above book is about or even if the cover models are called Kev and Lisa.