*finds myself in a chair in Erin’s hair salon* Hey, what the- *sees you in the chair next to me so makes creepy eye contact with your reflection in the mirror* You again? I swear you’ve had more dates than I’ve had hot dinners. Jeez, woman. Zach, huh? Excuse me, one second *talks to the hairdresser* Just a teeny tiny bit off the ends please and…maybe…dye it blue? Just have your wicked way with it, Zach will pay *turns my attention back to you* So two archangels, a werewolf, an Argonaut and a Lord of the Underworld later, you’re gonna try a dragon? Well, good luck. I can’t really imagine you guys together as such but he is preeeeeeeeeeety loaded. Free food and drinks for the win! Bring something back for me? A bottle of wine perhaps? Anyway *gestures to your hair which is surprisingly unkempt* Wowee *laughs* I take it last night with Theron was good? Let’s get you fixed up *calls out* Excuse me! Please give this wonderful woman the cutest style you can create. How much that will be? *gasps* Yep, that’s just fine…Zach will pay.

Zach’s still at the animal shelter so while we wait, I’ll tell you what to expect from this evening. Date nights with Zach will probably/definitely include:

  1. Being told how powerful/amazing/incredible a dragon he is.
  2. Listening to Zach lament about how lame humans are.
  3. Dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town (the Oracle kindly allowed him access to his treasure).
  4. Zach telling you all about the animals at the shelter and gushing over his favorites. He very much wants Bo to have a play pal.
  5. The two of you flicking through hair magazines while snuggled on the sofa trying to decide if Zach should try a new style or not.
  6. Being told again how powerful/amazing/incredible a dragon he is.
  7. Witnessing him shift into his gorgeous dragon form.
  8. Going for a little late night cloud-skimming cruise.
  9. Meeting up with a couple of the modern dragons for a drink or two.
  10. A parting gift consisting of a few rare items from Zach’s treasure.

Dayum. You look great! *bell tinkles as the door opens* And here he is! Have a wonderful night and remember *voice drops to a whisper* wiiiiiiiiine.