I’m very much on a dragon spree at the moment. I don’t know, something about the whole dragon shifter thing seems quite alluring. How awesome would it be to just fly around atop your dragon date, the wind whipping through your hair, leaving your cheeks flushed and your heart racing? Hmm. Sounds as good as sex, if not better. Forget wining and dining and spooning and forking. Just take me flying dammit.

Zach, or Isaac Morningstar III, has hit an all time low. A predecessor to the modern dragon, Zach awakens after hundreds of years spent in a cryogenic sleep. The world is changed and so has he. His dragon powers have been bound by an Oracle, a powerful being who says he must learn kindness and compassion towards mortals before his powers can be unleashed. When he happens across Erin, a kind, fun and bubbly hairdresser, he realizes that this challenge isn’t as difficult as it might have first seemed.

Erin’s life is the usual mundane 9-5. As a manager of a popular hair salon, Erin finds her life is all work and no play. That is, until a tall, gorgeous man with “pirate hair” claiming to be an ancient dragon walks through the salon door. Life is about to get a little more exciting for Erin.

OK, so while this book wasn’t terrible, it certainly wasn’t great. Zach is good in the sense that he isn’t one of the pushy, overbearing males so often found within paranormal romance and Erin is nice in that she’s just so ordinary and down-to-earth. These factors create a bit of realism, plus the book also gets bonus points for the inclusion of Bo, an adorable three-legged cat the pair adopt. Onyx Dragon has its moments in regards to humor too. There’s a wonderfully warming scene where Zach and Erin are trying to name their kitten and their conversation had me chuckling out loud.

‘”What do you want to name him?” Erin asked, reaching over and taking him into her arms. Watching her hold the kitten was almost too much for Zach, so he turned away and stared at their parked car.

“Blackie?” he asked.

“More creative,” she said.

“Onyx?” he suggested.

“Too hard.”

“Leggy?” he laughed.

“Too mean.”‘

However (eugh, that dreaded however) there are numerous flaws that I cannot overlook. For one, the characterization isn’t great. Neither Zach or Erin are that memorable and rather than acting on what they as people would do in any given situation, they seem to act in a manner that’s convenient for the plot. If that makes sense? Additionally, everything that happens plot wise just seems so rushed. There’s a fight scene at the end with another awakened dragon and it ends rather anticlimactically after a three or four pages. Whenever something like this happened, I always found myself thinking “Oh there must be something else coming up.” and there never was. When reading Onyx Dragon, I felt like I was always waiting for something else to happen and it was a something else that never came.

Still, a good filler read.

Rating: 2 out 5

Song: The Monkees’ I’m a believer 


This book is available on Amazon in both e-reader and paperback format.