What the hell…? Why am I in a strip club? I need to stop doing this. Man, I don’t even know how I’m doing this but *sees you upon the stage* Hey! Get down this very instant! *grabs you and yanks you down into the seat next to me* So, evidently you survived your date with Lijuan? Does she even know you’re here? Does she know you’re about to cheat on her with Theron?  Phwoar. To be fair *lowers voice and glances around nervously* so would I. Sure, Lijuan might disembowel you for such defiance but Theron is HOT.  Kinda worth it, right? No pain no gain as they say? *laughs maniacally*Ahem *fans self* Oh no, I’m all hot and flustered now. Someone pour a vodka martini on me, douse these flames of passion! Ah sorry *blushes* Yeah, you’re right. It is you going on the date. Actually, don’t pour that vod- thanks for that *sigh* Well, while I wait for my clothes to dry I may as well tell you what to expect from your date with Theron. Date nights with Theron will definitely/probably include:

  1. Cute little intimate moments that will always, always be interrupted by something.
  2. Cooking together. Theron is trying to perfect his latest soup recipe. Perhaps you could help him?
  3. Your insides turning to mush everytime he calls you meli in that silky voice of his.
  4. You gently tracing the markings on back of Theron’s hands as he explains what each of them means.
  5. A quick lesson in hand-to-hand combat that culminates in a fit of giggles and countless cuddles.
  6. You getting ever so slightly irked by his insistence on using your full name.
  7. The odd lie. He’s been known to omit trivial facts, like the fact that he’s engaged!
  8. Meeting a few of the other Argonauts. They’ll probably account for a few of the interruptees mentioned in #1.
  9. A trip through the portal to Argolea and a tour of Theron’s favorite places.
  10. Falling asleep in his warm embrace.

Theron isn’t perfect but you’ll have a great ti- *hears almighty crash* Oh crap, that’ll be Lijuan. Go! GO! HAVE FUUUUUUUUN! *screams and dives beneath a table*