Greek mythology and all its scandal and drama has captured my imagination for yeeeeeears so I was super excited to read Marked, the opening book to Elizabeth Naughton’s Eternal Guardians series.

As Casey nears her 27th year, she knows something is wrong. Having just lost her beloved grandmother, she fears the worst as her mysterious symptoms worsen. One night, a dark, dangerous stranger quite literally stumbles into her life. A chance meeting or something more? Can he give her the answers she so desperately seeks?

It was supposed to be a simple retrieval mission; find Isadora and return to Argolea. But for Theron, leader of the Argonauts and descendant of the famed hero Heracles, nothing is ever simple. Attacked by daemons, Theron is forced to retreat to Casey’s home in order to heal. He soon realizes that Casey is no ordinary mortal, though. Her birth mark tells him that much. Much to his horror, Casey is to play a central role in a haunting prophecy: her life in exchange for peace between his people and Atalanta, an immortal would-be hero with a growing daemon army and a insatiable thirst for revenge. Theron has a painful decision to make…

When I first met Theron, I wasn’t overly keen on him. My finger hovered over the standby button on my Kindle as I witnessed him attempt mind control on Casey. As many of you know by now, the power of mind control is something that makes me insanely uncomfortable, more so when it’s abused for sexual gain. However, much to my surprise, Marked wasn’t just 300 or so pages of Theron rampaging around with a raging erection. In fact, he and Casey don’t even have full on sex until 82% of the way through the book. Despite his earlier cockiness and apparent disdain towards humans, I feel Theron very much redeems himself in that he’s gentle and considerate with Casey, appreciative of the fact that the new-found knowledge of her race and parentage is a lot to take on. Additionally, once he’s aware of the existence of the Misos – half human, half Argolean people – he’s horrified by the treatment they’ve had to endure and goes out of his way to help them with the clean up operation after their hideaway town is on the receiving end of a daemon attack. Overall, he’s a good leader and a good person. Despite his tough exterior, he’s soft and marshmallow-like within. I just wanna cuddle him!

As for Casey, I really admire her. She takes everything in her stride and willingly sacrifices herself for Isadora, a sister she’s never met. As soon as she hears of the plight of her people, she considers herself one of them and throws herself into their midst, determined to help. Not only that, she can definitely hold her own. There’s a great scene where she puts Hades – as in the Hades – in his place by telling him mind reading is ‘rude’.

A fantastic read and a gripping story line with a wide array of interesting, fleshed-out (I hate that phrase) characters. Excited to read the next book in the series!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Song: The Beach Boys’ Wouldn’t it be nice (I imagine this song when Casey and Theron are thinking about the future they could’ve had *sniffle*)



This book is available on Amazon in both e-reader and paperback format. Theron also appears on my Top 5 most romantic moments list. Be sure to check it out!