Paranormal romance is a genre that can be easily abused. All too often I’ve read books where male leads use their abilities to influence or overpower women so it’s refreshing when I read a book where the male lead is just genuinely a nice guy. Here’s my top 5 most romantic moments. What are yours? List ’em in the comments, people!

  1. Thorne’s lack of hesitation in teleporting to the mortal realm to purchase hangover cures for Sable. It’s apparent that the big fella has little experience with mortals but he heads straight to the nearest supermarket, no questions asked, and pretty much buys everything that could potentially ease a hangover. And then he cooks it (albeit with a little help from Olivia) and takes it to Sable’s room personally. A king and a gentleman? Oh my *swoons and collapses on the floor* Claimed by a Demon King by Felicity Heaton


2. Lucian buying Ella a dog…and not just any dog, but a dog from the rescue centre. Let’s forget it’s compensation for her being held hostage and instead focus on the kindness and consideration behind this act. Lucian is by far my favorite guy from the Bad Boys of the Underworld series *is simply overcome by the intense amount of swooning over fictional, non-human men* Stealing Fire by Mallory Crowe

The happiness on their faces is a happiness that doesn’t exist for us human folk.

3. Maddox going out of his way to ensure Ashlyn’s first time is memorable for all the right reasons. The path of silk scarves leading towards a bed that isn’t his nightly death bed? Oh lord, it’s simply too much. Somebody get me chair and a strong cup of tea. The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

*muttering* So Tumblr.

4. For traumatic reasons I cannot quite remember, Jason hadn’t blessed anyone with the beauty of his singing voice in centuries…that is until he met Mahiya. Their book culminates in him singing to her and though it’s a seemingly simple act, it’s one that’s laced in meaning; it symbolizes healing and new beginnings. Pass the tissues *throws myself into your arms and sobs uncontrollably* Hold me. Archangel’s Storm by Nalini Singh

I searched ‘singing angels’ and found this.

5. Theron being pretty okay with instigating a deadly war to prevent Casey from being sacrificed. He basically tells the king – who is also Casey’s father – in no uncertain terms to go fuck himself. Selfish some might say but the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life I say and as your friendly neighborhood paranormal romance fiction reviewer, it’s only my opinion that should count, right? Right!? Marked by Elizabeth Naughton 

I sugarcoated Theron’s message for you more sensitive peeps.