8. A book with a color in the title

Sooo…gonna cheat a teeny tiny bit again and name *glares at you as I feel the sheer intensity of your judgment* oh yeah, you bet I’m gonna say it – two books.  

Ahem. Numero uno.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

I like this edition – so pretty!

While in high school, I studied the Civil Rights movement in one of my history classes and ended up reading a wide range of literature on the subject. The Color Purple was one of the many books I read. Race relations is an emotive subject for me. My step grandparents, whom I have known since the age of five, are originally from South Africa and I spent years naively assuming they simply wanted to come to the UK. The truth was much more heart-rendering, though. Due to the color of their skin and white people’s inflated sense of self importance, they were denied access to higher education, to high paying jobs. They were denied these things, and many more, simply because of their skin color. It’s a knowledge that breaks my heart and in the wake of recent events following Brexit, I fear for my younger brother and sister (who are both, as you may have guessed, mixed race).

Numero twono (Jesus freaking Christ, Jazz, look on Google) *hastily types, clears throat* Numero dos!

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill


She has awful posture

Now, I’ve read plenty a horror book. I was pretty much obsessed with Stephen King novels as a teen and loved nothing more than watching a good hide-behind-my-hands-and-whimper-when-the-music-changes-thus-signalling-a-jump-scare movie. So when the release of The Woman in Black movie was announced, I decided I wanted to read the book beforehand and man, was I in for surprise. It’s not your generic horror novel. If anything, it’s more creepy than scary and sometimes I think creepy is way more effective. Creepy is what has you frantically groping for the light switch in the dead of night when you remember a certain scene. Creepy is your skin tingling with the knowledge that you no longer feel quite so on your own in your reading nook. Creepy is sitting on the toilet whimpering “She’s here…” as the light flickers on and off when you decide to take a break from reading The Woman in Black… *shudders violently*

*singing* She sees you when you’re sleeping, she knows when you’re awake *starts screaming hysterically*