I’m a huge fan of Felicity Heaton’s Eternal Mates series so I figured I’d give the Her Angel series a try too.

An angel contracted to guard Hell and a witch seeking vengeance. These are the circumstances under which Apollyon and Serenity meet. Is this just about vengeance, though? Something more burns beneath the surface of this seemingly simple contract. Apollyon offers Serenity far more than she wished for. By his side, she feels whole. She feels wanted. She feels loved. As their contract draws to an end, can they bring themselves to say goodbye?

Her Dark Angel, in a nutshell, is short, sweet and simple (nice alliteration, Jazz *high fives self*). It’s more a novella and can easily be read over the course of a lunch break or two. It’s not the most exciting of reads. It culminates in Apollyon and Serenity’s ex, Edward, getting into a bar brawl but that’s about it in terms of action (excluding the sexy action. They’re tearing at each other’s clothes every few pages or so). My main issue with this book was the fact that everything seems to happen so damn fast. All the events – from their initial face-to-face meeting beneath the Eiffel Tower to Serenity beseeching Apollyon to stay with her “until the end of time” – happen over the course of two days and while I get realism doesn’t necessarily have to be a key feature, it just struck me as a bit strange. Once Apollyon’s duty is done, he knows that he has to return to Hell…that is, until he realizes a new contract would solve all their problems. More specifically, a cleverly worded contract. He tells Serenity: “Tell me to be with you forever.” and Serenity duly obliges. That’s all well and good and romantic and all but…that’s a huge commitment to make after two days. Sure, they seem to make an ideal couple; Apollyon makes her laugh and Serenity makes him feel whole again etc, but what about their not so nice traits? Maybe Serenity is secretly addicted to gambling. Maybe Apollyon has a weird cheese fetish in the bedroom (not sure how that would work, use your imagination). These are things they wouldn’t find out in the first two days of knowing each other and now, well, they’re stuck with one another.

Anyway. Time for the figures.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Song: Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe