*finds self in the forests bordering the Lords of the Underworld’s castle* Oh for goodness sake. I just keep finding myself in these places. I haven’t even got a bloody jacket! *sees you* And I just keep seeing you too. Another date? *shivers* Well, I say good on you. Why the hell not? Try before you buy I always say. Don’t settle for the first man you find (that’s awful relationship advice, don’t listen to me). Anyway *loops my arm through yours* We best get a wiggle on before Torin sees us on the cameras. Don’t want him chasing after us, do we? *laughs nervously* Poor guy. We have quite a trek ahead of us so maybe I can help pass the time by telling you what to expect from your date night with Maddox. Date nights with Maddox will probably/definitely include:

  1. Not drinking any wine…unless you have Tylenol to hand.
  2. Ignoring Paris and his lewd remarks.
  3. Being slightly freaked when Violence makes itself a mask upon Maddox’s gorgeous face. Sorry, Violence. Your red, skull-like visage is a wee bit scary.
  4. Snuggling in bed while Maddox tells you stories from his days as a warrior. It’s fascinating how much truth there is in myth and legend.
  5. Listening to Maddox’s favorite classical music while he tells you, surprisingly shyly, why he likes each individual piece.
  6. Reading romance novels to one another (perhaps Mills & Boon) and giggling over the slightly more cheesy stories.
  7. An infinite amount of cuddles and kisses.
  8. Taking a late night stroll around the fortress, hand in hand, marveling at the beauty of the seemingly untouched natural landscape (this date is taking place post death curse).
  9. Feeding each other food.
  10. Relaxing in the entertainment room with the rest of the guys.

Well, we’re here now. I guess I’ll just…skedaddle *takes a deep breath* LUCIEN! CAN YOU TAKE ME HOME! *Lucien materializes* Well, there’s my ride. Have a great night!

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