4. A book your friend loves

I’m a little late with day four of the challenge so apologies for that. Cheating ever so slightly (again) by not naming just one book but an entire series. While living in Japan, I became close friends with one of my coworkers and she would always talk about this one specific series: The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare.



I tried the first book and while I didn’t really get along too well with it, I enjoyed seeing the passion with which she would speak of these books. She was so emotionally invested in the series and was so excited when the latest book in the prequel series was released. Just before I left Japan, she bought a book of the runes that grant characters different abilities and would spend her lunch hours practising drawing them. I love seeing people so happy and enthusiastic and even though it’s not a series I personally enjoy, it makes me smile to know it means so much to other people.