2. A book that was made into a movie

Another Japanese title, this time Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. It’s difficult to categorize this book because it seems to fall under so many genres. Horror. Thriller. Dystopian fiction. Drama.


Regardless of its genre, it’s both an incredible and disturbing read. If you’ve seen the movie and thought that was gory and shocking…damn, it ain’t got nothing on the book. Movies are limited in the sense that it can be difficult to adapt certain scenes for the screen, especially if the director has a low budget. This limitation doesn’t exist with words and consequently, Battle Royale as a book (and manga, I hear) is way more grizzly and gory. Proof of this lies in the fact it was rejected in the final round of the 1997 Japan Grand Prix Horror Novel competition because of its content. This didn’t stem its success, though and it became a surprise bestseller in 1999 when it was eventually published.

It’s a meaty book with 666 pages encased within its cover but I devoured it within a day or so. I use the old cliché but it’s one hell of a page turner.

Not quite the word I’d choose. Unless you count getting riddled with bullets or getting an axe embedded in your skull as ‘lucky’.