2. A book that was made into a movie

Can I cheat and name two books? Actually, don’t answer that. I’m just gonna go ahead and do it anyway.

Ring Koji Suzuki


Now, when I was a teenager my parents were super strict when it came to the movies I watched. I wanted to watch a movie rated 15? Too bad, I’d just have to wait until I was 15. I actually remember persuading my mum to buy me Shaun of the Dead on DVD when I was aged 14 years and 351 days…and she made me wait until the next day to watch it! So yeah. My love for all things horror didn’t really get on the road until I was pretty much already an adult. How did I compensate for this? By reading, of course! Horror movies were a no go but horror books were okay apparently. I actually read The Shining when I was 12 which is way creepier than the movie.

Japan is a conservative country in many ways. For example, if you buy female sanitary products, the cashier will hastily stuff them into a brown paper bag lest anyone see and realize you have *horrified gasps* a menstrual cycle. Yet when it comes to things such as horror movies, Japan knows no boundaries. The sheer creativity that goes into each and every movie is limitless and as a result, Japan simply wipes the floor when it comes to horror. So when I heard of Ringu, I desperately wanted to watch it. This was before Netflix existed, when I had to rely on others to buy or rent me movies. Alas, for my pleas fell on deaf ears.

So imagine my delight when I heard this famed tale originally began life as a book? I had purchased a copy within moments of stepping into the local bookstore. Truth be told, I can’t remember too much about the book, just that it’s quite different to the movie and it was a fantastic read. Maybe I should find my copy again…

Meanwhile in an alternate universe…Pingu.