I got this awesome idea from Lara. A 26 day challenge revolving solely around books. Perfect! I absolutely love discussing books and having an excuse to do so is definitely my idea of heaven.

Day 1 – A book you own but haven’t read 

Unnatural Creatures, a collection of short stories about fantastical creatures that, supposedly, exist “only in our minds”. This anthology was compiled by New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman and…actually, have you ever noticed how authors are always New York Times bestsellers? Do other newspapers exist in the States? Are there any Washington Times bestselling authors? (I literally just found that newspaper after a quick Google – I’m a Brit, I apologize)

Anyway, as per usual I digress. I bought this book for two reasons: 1) I trust Neil Gaiman’s judgment and 2) I found the front cover strangely cute. The cat’s eyes lured me in, ensnaring me with its wide-eyed innocence.


I only bought this book on Friday, hence why I have yet to read it. Have you read it? What was your favorite story? What’s your all time favorite mystical creature? And, most importantly, why?