*sees you approaching Archangel Tower looking, if possible, even better than last time!* Whoah, whoah. Not so fast there. ID, please. Yeah, I know. Rules are rules, though. Dmitri would definitely punish me if I just let you- actually, no. I don’t need to see your ID. Come right on in! *quickly pulls you inside*

So *nudges you in the ribs* A date night with Raphael, eh? Come, let’s head to the roof. He said he’ll meet you there.

*leads you to the elevator* Not afraid of heights, are you? Got more than seventy five floors to the climb in this tiny thing. Phew. Good. Well *gestures for you to step inside the elevator* I guess I should tell you what to expect tonight. I think you’re in for a treat. Date nights with Raphael will include him probably/definitely:

  1. Making sure you’re well fed beforehand. I can almost 100% guarantee he’s got a table set up on the roof.
  2. Sweeping you into his arms and taking you for a spin through the clouds.
  3. Finding your reaction to his glamour somewhat amusing.
  4. Taking you to his private residence and asking Montgomery to cook you both a meal.
  5. Simply listening to you talk, surprised to find himself enraptured by you; the way you move your hands, the way you speak…
  6. Gently sweeping the hair from your face when it falls over your eyes.
  7. Sweeping you into his arms and taking you for another spin through the clouds…with some extras thrown in.
  8. Showing you his swanky bathroom.
  9. Getting your clothes laundered ready for the next day.
  10. Leaving early for Archangel Tower but getting Dmitri or Venom to bring a car for you.

Ooo I’m ever so slightly envious but *elevator doors open* I’m saving myself for Illium. Have fun!


Oh god, the difference between this ‘Date nights..’ and the previous are unreal. Definitely biased haha