When I was in Japan, feeding my need to read was sometimes challenging. Debit cards are unheard of and the only way to access my money was by using a cash card at an ATM. Consequently, I was unable to shop online. Sure, I had a credit card but this was hidden away in my underwear drawer (my poor taste in underwear would drive anyone away, the drawer was practically a safe) and was to be used only in emergencies.

Japanese bookstores also have, understandably, a very limited English section.

So I had to rely on my Kindle and while this was fine in the respect that I could make instantaneous purchases and choose from a wide variety of books, it also meant that my growing book collection was purely digital…and this was a cause of great dismay.

I’ve always dreamed of having a ‘library room’ once I got my own place and now that I had a cute apartment, I simply lacked the resources (and space – Japanese apartments are teeny tiny) to create one.

So now that I’m back in the UK, I’ve started the gradual process of rebuilding my book collection using paperbacks. I’m not spending masses of money on the books I’ve already read, simply buying pre-loved copies from Amazon but it’s giving me an incredible sense of satisfaction turning the pages and running my fingers over the pretty covers. A waste of money some might say but I need something to fill my future library room 🙂


Which may or may not (*cough* Definitely not *cough*) look like this.