C’mon, blow your own trumpet a bit 😉 Let’s get some positive self talk going! How would an author describe you?  Shall I go first?

“Jazz had an infectious smile that could warm even the coldest of hearts and it was when she smiled that her eyes, large and blue as summer skies, crinkled at the edges. Her hair, short yet wildly wavy, was the color of honey and hung just low enough to tuck behind her ears. She had a unique sense of style, sometimes opting to float around in gauzy goddess-like dresses or favoring leggings and oversized sweaters. It was her choice of socks that most often caught the attention of others, though. They rarely matched and were often adorned with colorful Japanese characters, such as Pikachu or Gudetama.

Others dubbed her as shy or ‘socially awkward’ but beneath the quiet voice and frequent blushes lay a fun-loving, intelligent person. Her closest friends found it hilarious that others thought her timid. They knew that a couple of hours in her company would throw that misconception right out the window!”

And now it’s your turn! Remember, be nice about yourself. In a world that constantly seeks to put us down, it’s important to show yourself a bit love every now and then.