Hey there, fellow writers and lovers of books!

I was wondering if I could ask a huge favor? Around four months ago, I returned from living and working in Japan and my initial plan was to spend a month or so in my hometown before moving elsewhere.

Four months down the line, I’m still here and stuck in a job that I don’t exactly enjoy. Every morning, when I wake up, I feel a bit like this:


And it’s actually really beginning to get me down. Ideally, I want some kind of work in a publishing house but I’d go for anything right now. Maybe even a little bookshop ;D I just need to get out this town and enjoy life again.

I’m looking for jobs but not having much success. If any of you lovely people hear of  a job in your city, whether it in the UK or abroad, that might seem like something that I, a bookworm and writer and ex-English teacher, might enjoy then please, please may you give me a heads up? Thank you!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely Sunday!