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June 2016

‘Archangel’s Heart’ international edition

Love, love, love! So simple yet so beautiful. Those colours! 



Awful day

My day is literally going from bad to worse. I haven’t been paid. I’m on late/early shifts today and tomorrow. I made myself some real nice pasta to take to work and ruined it by unwittingly pouring mouldy cheese on it.

Can’t wait to see what today’s shift has in store for me. Why won’t an elf prince or angel whisk me away? Heck, I’d even settle for a vampire. I need wining and dining and an evening of ice cream and movies. Eugh.

Apparently these days are sent to test us but I don’t want to be tested. I just want a non mouldy dinner and money to buy gifts for the family birthdays this week ;(

‘Binding Fire’ Mallory Crowe


It took me longer than I would have liked to finish this book. I’ve been quite busy with work this past week or so and haven’t really had the time to sit down for an hour or two and just lose myself in a fictional world. But, today is my day off and I finished Mallory Crowe’s Binding Fire this morning and thought what better way to spend my afternoon than writing in the my sun-soaked garden?

Binding Fire is the third book in Mallory’s Bad Boys of the Underworld paranormal romance series. The book opens with Muriel, a fallen angel hellbent (get it? Eugh, shut up, Jazz) on wreaking her vengeance against Kier, the demon who stripped her of her wings thereby rendering her mortal.

Her vengeance doesn’t go quite to plan, though. In fact, her plans fails spectacularly. Its failure is set in motion the moment she binds herself to him in the hopes of tarnishing his darkened soul with her much purer one. Muriel soon finds herself overwhelmed by this seductive and charming demon and she begins to wonder if a demon who can so readily praise her cooking skills can really be all that bad.

While this was a good read, it is my least favourite book in the series so far. The prologue shows the reader exactly how Muriel and Kier met and under what circumstances and well…it’s pretty awful. He forces his blood upon her, meaning that she can never step foot in Heaven again. Sure, his actions are ‘explained’ later (all I can say is that Lucifer is one hell of a – I need to stop these puns – matchmaker) but I feel that, love or not, Muriel forgives him way too easily. He strips her of her home and comrades and even after five years, she still has difficulty blending into mortal society. She’s had it rough and I as a reader find it difficult to forgive him. So I just don’t understand how she can. And so quickly. 

As for Kier, he’s a ruthless demon who, prior to Muriel, revels in corrupting mortals and feeding upon their souls. In fact, in chapter two, it’s explained exactly how a human soul benefits a demon: “It was like food to a demon. They thrived off a decaying soul and derived power from it. The bigger the sins, the more power could be taken from it.” There’s no beating about the bush here; Kier is well and truly a bad boy of the underworld and it’s only after his initial encounter with Muriel that he begins to feel just a little bit guilty of this status. The guilt he feels and the tenderness he displays towards Muriel as a lover concern me. I feel they’re emotions that have simply rubbed off on him. I feel this is in no way his true self and as a result I question the authenticity of their relationship. Just exactly who has Muriel fallen for?

I also felt that, towards the end of the book especially, there were just way too many factors that were convenient to the plot. Like Esmeralda, Ava and Samuel miraculously finding a way to open a portal between the mortal realm and Hell. Like Teryn guiding Muriel through Azazel’s murderous back yard. Like Lucifer not actually being dead and consequently being able to assist her in her fight with Azazel. Like Kier transporting her out of Hell as soon as she’s torn Azazel’s heart from his chest. Collectively, these little flaws take away the realism. I feel Muriel faces no challenge in seeing the prophecy through and I found this disappointing.

Still, the book had its moments. I laughed out loud when Lucifer lamented the struggles of playing ‘matchmaker’. Like I said, I did enjoy it but simply not as much as the previous two books in the series.

I’m giving it a 3 out of 5 🙂

This title is available in both paperback and e-reader format on Amazon.




‘Archangel’s Heart’ Nalini Singh


Not a review since this book isn’t being released until November but I simply cannot contain my excitement! The Guildhunter series was my first step into the world of paranormal romance.I lived and breathed these books and was so excited when Naasir’s book was released last year. I’m equally as excited to catch up with Elena and Raphael, though 🙂 Just waiting on Illium’s book now!

I like sniffing old books

But new ones smell pretty nice too. Visited a teeny tiny, out-the-way country pub last night and found myself surrounded by all these old books 🙂 Cute!

New book review tomorrow!



I just discovered a book stand at the market and there are so many paranormal romance paperbacks! All £2.30 each 😀


‘Daring Fire’ Mallory Crowe


Before I begin this review, I just need to draw attention to how much I love the cover art for all the books in this series. There’s none of the pink, swirly lettering adorning some romance novels. There’s none of the Mills-and-Boonesque images of couples about to kiss or gazing longingly into one another’s eyes. No. These covers are dark. They’re intense. They’re dramatic…much like the stories and characters they conceal. On a purely visual level, these books are aesthetically pleasing and instantly beckon a reader towards them.

Anyhow, I digress. Daring Fire is book two in Mallory Crowe’s Bad Boys of the Underworld series. This book revolves around Gena and Marcus, the latter of whom we met at the end of the previous book, Finding Fire. 

Gena is living what she deems a normal life in Michigan. She has everything that she needs: a job she loves, her best friend, a comfortable home and her dog, lovable and loyal Lady. Things soon take an unexpected turn, however, when Ryan – a coworker who suddenly becomes more than a little fixated with her – murders her. Or at least tries to. Mere seconds after taking her ‘final’ breath, Gena awakes to find herself in an identical albeit new and seemingly immortal body.

Marcus meanwhile has recently arrived in New York with the intention of infiltrating the vampire rebellion. As they did in Michigan, things soon take an unexpected turn when Gena comes bursting into his life (quite literally – to quote ‘She ran into the room the guard had blocked off.’ and it is in this room that they meet for the first time). Together, they search for answers to Gena’s mysterious heritage while going head-to-head with Marcus’ enemies.

I loved this book. In fact, I adored it. Marcus is initially a bit of an enigma. When he appeared in the first book, I thought he was a bit of an asshole. Sure, he did save Anna’s life but only, he claims, so Nicolas would owe him. I wasn’t sure how I felt about a whole novel dedicated to him. My feelings are much clearer now, though – I hope he and Gena get a follow up book! The reasoning behind his cool, calculating behavior becomes apparent when the reader hears of his tragic past and this is one of the many things I love about Mallory’s books; the characters all have a past and it is a past that allows a reader to gain a better insight into them as people. This adds a hint of realism to the stories and characters. Every person, be they fictional or real, has experienced something that has shaped part of their personality and this being such a strong element in these books ensures that the characters are relatable. As a reader, you can actually care about the characters because you see them as real people, people with pasts, presents and futures.

Gena is a sweetheart. Her fierce dedication to her dog, Lady, is heartwarming. Despite her life being thrown into absolute chaos, her main priority always seems to be Lady. She ensures she’s taken for regular walks and when the rebels arrive at Marcus’ apartment, hell bent on stirring some shit up, she hides Lady in the bedroom upstairs. Gena’s need to help and protect those less able – a fact also proven by her work as a nurse and her hesitation to kill Ryan at the very beginning – makes it easy for a reader to warm towards her. She’s a very likable character. I also really liked the fact that despite her interesting heritage, she’s very down to earth. Initially, she’s desperate to return to her old life and if it weren’t for her love for Marcus, she probably would within a heartbeat. She just wants what most people want out of life and this is what makes her, again, so relatable.

I’m giving this a 5 out of 5 🙂

This title is available in both paperback and in e-reader format! Check it out on Amazon.



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